Journal of Public Relations Education, Volume 7, Issue 2

Note from the Editor:

Dr. Pamela G. Bourland-Davis
Chair & Professor
Department of Communication Arts
Georgia Southern University
Editor in Chief, Journal of Public Relations Education
Immediate Past President, SSCA

Within this issue, you’ll find three articles which address various aspects of social and digital media within the curriculum. The timing is not the result of a special call for articles, and clearly represents an area of increased interest. I know I’ll be sharing these within my own department as we continue to evaluate our own approaches.

Two articles are, in part, reflective of our times with greater attention to diversity as you’ll see in Pompper & Ertem-Eray’s article on “Reconstructing the PR history time machine,” and of increased concern for our emotional and mental health, as addressed in Madden and Del Rosso’s, “We should have to take therapy classes.” And for those with or considering student-run firms, you’ll find the article on best practices helpful.

Of course, we have three of the top GIFTs selected and presented at AEJMC’s Public Relations Division’s ever-popular teaching panel which will provide creative approaches to how we can continue to develop student’s understanding of and abilities to practice public relations.

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Public Relations Curriculum: A Systematic Examination of Curricular Offerings in Social Media, Digital Media, and Analytics in Accredited Programs
Regina Luttrell, Adrienne Wallace, Christopher McCollough & Jiyoung Lee

Analytics in Public Relations Education: Desired Skills for Digital Communicators
Melissa B. Adams & Nicole M. Lee

Digital Learning: Standards and Best-Practices for Public Relations Education in Undergraduate Research
Carolyn Kim, Keith Quesenberry, Karen Sutherland & Karen Freberg

Student-run agencies best practices: Replicating the professional agency experience to prepare budding practitioners
Jeffery Ranta, Debbie Davis, Lee Bush, Harold Vincent & Wes Fondren

Reconstructing the PR history time machine: Missing women and people of color in introductory textbooks
Donnalyn Pompper & Tugce Ertem-Eray

“We Should Have to Take Therapy Classes”: The Need for a Trauma-Informed Approach to Public Relations Education
Stephanie Madden & Teri Del Rosso


Pitch Perfect: Secrets of Media Relations
Adrienne Wallace, Jamie Ward, & Regina Luttrell 

A Human-Centered SEO Approach to Creating Higher Ranking Content for Public Relations using a Content Clustering Method
Adrienne Wallace & Regina Luttrell

Teaching audience analysis through worksheets: Approaching audience analysis as qualitative research
Julia Hathaway, Elizabeth Duesterhoeft, Nicole Leavey, Karen Akerlof, Suzanne Mims & Katherine Rowan

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