Journal of Public Relations Education, Volume 7, Issue 3

Special Issue: The Unprecedented Upheaval of Public Relations Education

Note from the Editor:

JPRE Editor

Dr. Pamela G. Bourland-Davis
Chair & Professor
Department of Communication Arts
Georgia Southern University
Editor in Chief, Journal of Public Relations Education
Immediate Past President, SSCA

This particular call for papers related to the impact of COVID-19 on education came at a time when we would not have thought we’d still be in a pandemic response of some version. Special thanks go to Richard Waters, working with Emily Kinsky, in coordinating the call, and the initial work in the curation of the submissions. Their foresight that the pedagogical upheaval might have an impact on future practices was prescient, and so the articles included here are more than capturing a moment of time. In addition to articles discussing campaigns, service learning and PRSSA management, we have an article which describes reflexive-transformative approaches from a university in Australia where flipped learning was already the norm. 

Included in this issue, you will find an invited resources article based on one of the virtual AEJMC PRD presentations from spring of 2021. It reviews a number of options such as apps which would help directly address many of the findings from the articles, and I’m working on my list of which ones to incorporate next term. 

As I am hearing from many of you via social media, we are all still feeling we are working in “catch up” mode. The Journal is no different. While separate from the special issue, you will find our regular book reviews and an article on PRSSA, pre-COVID-19, which was among the last accepted by our previous editor. 

Best wishes for the New Year, and here’s to new ideas we can integrate into our classes.

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Pivot now! Lessons Learned from Moving Public Relations Campaigns Classes Online During the Pandemic in Spring 2020
Melanie Formentin & Giselle A. Auger 

The Pandemic Pivot: How Teachable Moments in a Service-Learning Course Provided an Opportunity for Student Growth
Lois Boynton & Marshéle Carter 

Reflexive transformative approach to student-centered learning: Insights from the frontlines of Australian higher education teaching during COVID-19
Kate Delmo & Natalie Krikowa 

PRSSA During COVID-19: Examining the Challenges and Best Practices of Student Organization Management in an Online World
Amanda J. Weed, Adrienne A. Wallace, Madison Griffin & Karen Freberg 

Thriving in “The New Normal”: Student-Centered Practices, Design, and Tools of Hybrid and Online Learning Environments
Christopher J. McCollough, Rafael “RC” Concepcion, Jamie Ward & Adrienne A. Wallace 

JPRE Editorial Content: 

How to CARE for PRSSA Faculty Advisers: The Impact of Competence, Autonomy, Relatedness, and Equity on Role Satisfaction
Amanda J. Weed, Adrienne A. Wallace, Betsy Emmons & Kate Keib 

Discovering Public Relations: An Introduction to Creative and Strategic Practices 
Reviewed by Tiffany Gallicano 

PR Women with Influence: Breaking Through the Ethical and Leadership Challenges
Reviewed by Katie Place 

Public Relations: Competencies and Practice
Reviewed by David Remund 

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