Journal of Public Relations Education, Vol. 8, Issue 1

Note from the Editor:

JPRE Editor

Dr. Pamela G. Bourland-Davis
Chair & Professor
Department of Communication Arts
Georgia Southern University
Editor in Chief, Journal of Public Relations Education
Immediate Past President, SSCA

Featured in this issue are three articles which all center around different perspectives of public relations programs. The first two focus on alumni and student perspectives, with the students being HBCU students weighing in on their perspectives of graduate programs. The third article examines Ph.D. programs based on a content analysis of publicly available program information, and does so with an eye on moving the graduates into faculty lines.

The teaching briefs, as usual, provide excellent ideas for approaching classes ranging from using an international case study to teach race and cultural sensitivity in public relations, ideas for crisis classes, and a business model for a public relations firm which could be adapted for classes as well.

Our next issue is a special edition focuses on activism, and if you have not seen the call for the fall special issue on mentorship, leadership and DEI, please check it out! These are due the first of June.

Table of Contents

Research Papers

Public Relations Graduates’ Perceptions of Their Degrees and Careers: A Five-University Survey
Kenneth D. Plowman, John E. Forde, Brad L. Rawlins, Gemma Puglisi & Judy VanSlyke Turk

Exploring HBCU Students’ Interests in Pursuing Graduate Studies in Public Relations and Communication Programs 
Damion Waymer & LaTonya Taylor

A Shortage of Excellence? An Exploratory Study of U.S. Doctoral-level Education in Public Relations
Luke Capizzo, Rosalynn Vasquez & Hyoyeun Jun

Teaching Briefs

Teaching Race and Cultural Sensitivity in Public Relations: The Case of Comic Relief and the Western Savior Ideology
Ashley Holbert & Damion Waymer

Business Literacy and Soft Skills: Proposal-Writing in the Student Firm
Margaret Ritsch

Crisis Response Plan Group Project
Nia Johnson

Crisis and The Queen
Michelle Groover


Building Portfolios, Connections and Confidence: How Professors Can Leverage Student Writing Collections to Support Students’ Employment Opportunities
Jennifer Glover Konfrst, Kelly Bruhn & Eric Adae

Book Reviews 

Business Acumen for Strategic Communicators: A Primer
Reviewed by Charles A. Lubbers

Public Relations History: Theory, Practice, and Profession
Reviewed by Christopher McCollough

Social Media: How to Engage, Share, and Connect (4th Ed.)
Reviewed by Adrienne A. Wallace

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