Journal of Public Relations Education, Vol. 8, Issue 3

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JPRE Editor

Dr. Pamela G. Bourland-Davis
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Department of Communication Arts
Georgia Southern University
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Immediate Past President, SSCA

I hope this issue of The Journal is as relevant to you as it has been to me. While I’ve connected to every issue, perhaps our first in-person meeting of AEJMC’s Public Relations Division in a couple of years enhanced the relevance. The PRD included a pre-conference special session on ASPIRE – Active Strategies for Pedagogy in Research and Education, featuring the GIFTS, and the top five (presented in order of their rankings) are included here. While we could not feature all of the GIFTS, the authors presented so many great ideas that have inspired me. 

To be honest, I’ve already adapted some of Deline’s work included here. In doing so, I learned much about the student experiences during the pandemic response – including that most were freshmen having to complete core courses on line. I hope to continue to include a variation of the reflection on KSAs as the next group will be the one who missed much of the social side of completing high school.

In the area of pedagogical research, the first article on mentorship provides some feedback on the mentorship program of the PRD. Having signed up to serve as a mentor, I am internalizing the results, and thinking about how I can improve as a mentor. The second article is a good reminder that service learning, specifically fundraising in this case, can have an impact on learning on into the future.

I hope all of these papers and GIFTS are inspirational to you as well, and don’t forget about the special issue focused on GIFTS for next year: 

Table of Contents


Building Bridges and Relationships Through Balanced Communication: Understanding Psychosocial Factors in Positive Public Relations Mentorship
Melissa Adams, Melanie Formentin and Brigitta R. Brunner

Teaching Philanthropy: How Can Public Relations Courses Prepare Future Fundraisers and Motivate Giving?
Virginia S. Harrison


Research-Evaluate-Create: Developing Multicultural Perspectives and Strategies for Public Relations Visual Communications
Janis Teruggi Page

Crisis Exchange Program
Kalah Kemp and Colleen Palmer

PR in Real Time: A Problem-Based Approach to Generating Engagement and Learning
Matthew P. Taylor

Podcasting PR’s Role in Social Movements
Arien Rozelle

Looking Back, Stepping Forward: COVID-19 KSA Development and Adaptation Assessment for Post-traumatic Growth
Mary Beth Deline

Book Reviews

Social Media and Society: An Introduction to the Mass Media Landscape
Reviewed by Lindsay M. McCluskey

The Future of Feminism in Public Relations and Strategic Communication
Reviewed by Brandi Watkins

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