Journal of Public Relations Education, Vol. 9, Issue 1

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JPRE Editor

Dr. Pamela G. Bourland-Davis
Department of Communication Arts
Georgia Southern University
Editor in Chief, Journal of Public Relations Education
Immediate Past President, SSCA

Issue 9-1 features articles related to those who have vested interests in our programs: the students, the professors and practitioners. You’ll find two of the top three teaching research papers from the AEJMC Public Relations Division’s conference line up – one discussing the faculty of PR programs (Marks Malone), and the other looking at business literacy based on practitioner viewpoints (Ragas). 

And if you’re like me, facing multiple options of programs and data analytics in the classroom, you’ll find helpful the articles on developing data competency (O’Neil, Kinsky, Ewing & Russell), graphic design options for building self-confidence (Pressgrove & Kinsky), and Python as an option for social media analytics (Kim & Chon). Managing service-learning collaborations builds on the experience of the professors and students, and includes consideration of technology as part of the process (Maresh-Fuehrer & Baum).

Table of Contents


“You don’t have to become a data scientist”: Practitioner Recommendations for Cultivating PR Student Data Competency
Julie O’Neil, Emily S. Kinsky, Michele E. Ewing, and Maria Russell

Unapologetically Original: Building Creative Self-Confidence in the Public Relations Curriculum
Geah Pressgrove and Emily S. Kinsky

Top PRD Papers

Who’s Teaching Future PR Professionals? Exploring Professional Credentials of Full-Time Faculty in Accredited Programs
Kim Marks Malone

Developing Business Literacy in the Classroom and the Workplace: A Delphi Study of Corporate Communication Leaders
Matthew Ragas

Teaching Briefs

Teaching Social Media Analytics in PR Classes: Focusing on the Python Program
Seon-Woo Kim & Myoung-Gi Chon

Inter-Institutional Service-Learning Collaborations in a Remote Environment: A Case Study
Michelle M. Maresh-Fuehrer and Michelle Baum

Book Reviews

You Need PR: An Approachable Guide to Public Relations for Early-Stage Companies
Reviewed by Lois Boynton

The Public Relations Writer’s Handbook
Reviewed by Pauline A. Howes

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